Monday, January 31, 2011

Right Outside Our Doors

We are truly blessed here in this place called California.  The weather is one such wonder, and the fruits are another.  At my picking on a regular basis are oranges and lemons, but when the season is at it's height we have pomegranates, nectarines, figs, persimmons, pears and kumquats.  This just names a few.  We have a great climate for growing edibles.

This morning as Harmony and I were out for her walk, I thought that this would be a great set of pictures.  Some fruit trees are in yards, and some are right there on the sidewalk.  Let me tell you, this apple tree doesn't stand a chance.  The tree will be full and the next day, bare.

I want you to notice the Rosemary. I love Rosemary !  This family uses Rosemary as hedges, and many folks in the area do so as well. I have used my Rosemary pickings as hair rinse, mouth wash, face toner and of course as a culinary garnish.  Also in abundance in my area is White Sage and Thyme.  I love to crush the leaves in my hand and smell those wonderful aromas.  Just lovely.  Do you know that I know folks who have Olive Trees...can you believe it ?

Low hanging fruits.  The neighborhood is full of them.
I'm surprised when I see so many fruit trees so full.  Don't these folks know what they have ?
Do you know that folks have fruit trees on their patios ?  Thanks to Dwarf / Patio brands.  There is a draw much citrus will have your gut reeling.  Oh bother (pooh)  

This little beauty caught my eye.  She is planted right there at the edge of the gate.  These grow into beautiful trees.....Magnolia (I believe)

This is Harmony.  She's almost three years old now. She was a rescued animal.  She could fit in my hand the day that we found her.  She was on the curb crying....I could not pass her by.  She was in such a terrible way.  She had scabies, and an ear infection.  She had to have three weeks of sulphur bathes.  I have never looked back.  I call her my four legged daughter.


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  1. The possibilities are endless with all those lemons close to hand…