Thursday, February 3, 2011

Los Angeles Street

Los Angeles Street !
We here in California have some of the best shopping n the world.  Los Angeles Street is where you go first to find the best (and not the best), at the best prices.  From one piece to bulk purchases, you can find it here.  Our flower mart is down here as well.  Want something to do ?  Go downtown to our flower mart at 4:30 in the am and drown yourself in the most beautiful flowers and plants and floral supplies at the most inexpensive prices.  This is where you go for your bulk sunglasses and pillows, belts and backpacks and so much more.  I'm speaking of Los Angeles Street because it is the heart of our garment district, the surrounding blocks hold quite the same bargains.
I want to tell you about the so many beautiful people that you will meet.  There is a ton of  'em; truck drivers, food vendors, beggars, shop keepers, shoppers, movie set actors and actresses, police officers, government workers, students, tourists, and on and on. 
If you visit Los Angeles, make sure that you get to Los Angeles Street and our garment district.  You will have a gas of a time and probably, most probably have an extra baggage fee when it is time to go home.

Guide to the Los Angeles Garment District

Garment District Los Angeles A Personal Fashion Buyers Guidebook -1990 publication.

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