Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Our Place of Government Business

The tip of the iceberg!  I had jury duty yesterday, so I had the pleasure of visiting downtown Los Angeles.  During our lunch break, I took a walk around the surrounding vicinity.  I had a chance to really look at the fantastic changes that have taken place but also to look at our staples.  The very pinnicle of this picture is the top of our city hall.  I've been there many times.  I am an advocate of knowing our government offices and the folks who represent us. 

Los Angeles City Hall was completed in 1928 and sits within our historic Temple st, Main st, Spring st and 1st st boundaries.  City Hall has an observation deck that is open to the public.  From 1928 until 1964 our city hall was the tallest building in Los Angeles.  Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday at 10AM, our city council meets, and the sessions are always open to the public, unless otherwise stated. 

I encourage you to find out what goes on in your city's place of government business.


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