Monday, March 14, 2011

IRIS - The Play

There is nothing better than a California afternoon at the theater.  On yesterday I had the privilege of watching the play "IRIS".  The story of a girl who learns that once you're in hell, you're in hell for the rest of your after life.  There is no redemption.  It forces us to see that we have many opportunities that touch us softly, and others that knock us in the head.  It's our choice to grab hold and heed, or our fault if we don't

IRIS - The Play, written by Jaimyon Parker is a solid piece of creativity that forces one to follow, be engaged, be moved, be reflective and to be inspired.  The actors were on point and offered all of themselves to us.  Honesty is key when sharing.  There is nothing better than art that moves us to think hard and to widen our mind.

Directed by Dan Martin: There is a gifted eye at the helm.  The director births life into people.  The director is the hand holder and that third eye....the guide.  To be able to make souls and words wed like a tea cup and saucer takes skill and wisdom and Dan Martin has it.

Sunday's 2pm showing was the finale for now.  They promise to be back

Just like film, there is always a play up somewhere in California.

Photo taken by fellow audience member La Taunya Green

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