Monday, March 21, 2011

Scary Tree

Dead and Scary Tree

So after yet another day and night of horrific rain and wind this is just one of the peculiars(*) I found this morning.  Yesterday and her events were so surreil it was amazing.  Don't get me wrong, if I have to have something that looks of challenge, let it be this.  I in no way compare this lil' bit o' misery to any of our concurrent disaters and distress going on across our globe. 

Now I know how to prepare for rain, and I know how to be out in the elements.  This was a whole other level.  My car coat, rain coat over that, feet covered in plastic, scarf on head and then hat on top of that...and a good umbrella (that held up through it all)....I was a soppy soaked and freezing mess by the time I got home. 

Can about an expert, not someone who just gets a gig, be in a positon that can help us with our drainage system.  On our corners, a child, an animal or God forbid, an adult who falls, could drown when it rains.  No need to walk to the middle of the block to find an area to jump across (the pond) to get to the other will find no such area.  Stay at the corner and when the light turns green, just "Wade In The Water".  I quoted that song because of the truthfulness of the situation, but also because I really felt that God was covering me.  That rain and wind was scary. 

I made it home safely.  The house was warm and dinner was ready (I cooked in the morning).  We had no leaks and no power outages.  I know that we are blessed, finding and keeping shelter is a mission for so many folks these days.

*So many trees in my neighborhood are old, grandiose, dead, and intertwined between power lines.  This tree is absolutely dead, and it's a wonder that it is still standing.  this is a disater waiting to happen.

So by the time I finished this missive and went to get the drying clothes, it has started to rain again.

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