Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Breathe Life Into this Thing !

OK already, I apologize.  Sometimes life throws us curves and forces us to focus somewhere else for a little while.  I wouldn't dare be so presumptuous as to think that folks were missing me, or my photos....but just in case you were.  I do heartily apologize.

I have a pepper plant, a tomato plant and a few onions planted.  This is the fruit of my labor (which is not much at all...except for the talkings to, the daily sprays and watering that I give to them).  I don't have a backyard, so there all in planters. 

 I talk to and look at my plants all the time, and this little interloper was not there last night...so I guess via the moon she made her entrance into my world.  How did she find her way to my terrace ? 
This is many times just like our lives, we do what we think is correct and still there are blotches and borers.  These past few days I've been feeling like there was such a weight on my shoulders.  I'm doing everything that I should be doing and with a smile.  Mostly it's all good, but then....in comes this thing that you didn't invite.  It's nothing that I can't get past just like the worm, I'll just lovingly move it away. 
As my plants grow, they'll meet other pests as I know in my own little life I'll meet other challenges; uninvited challenges.  This much is true, they can't stay.  My vines are going to grow into fruition just the same as my life will.


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