Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sifu Bryan Hawkins !

Do you know who Bryan Hawkins is ?
We had the pleasure of interviewing him today.
Byian Hawkins learned from and worked hand in hand with Senior GrandMaster Ed Parker who was the man who mastered and coined the martial arts style known as "American Kenpo".
Do you know that those who practice the art of Kenpo are called "Kenpoists" ?
Train for the worst !

Friday, January 13, 2012

My Morning Moon

So I woke up, and something forced me to look outside.  It was this beautiful moon.  It was just dusk and the moon was calling me.  It was calling my name.
All day I felt as if I were being guided.
I had a great day !  I must say !
Have you ever felt like something was right there waiting for you ?
I will not even question it, but this moon was calling me.
You, hey you, girl...come ere'

Politically Active !

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Our Musician

Dean Logan
Los Angeles County Registrar